Questions & Answers

Do you travel all over the United States?
Yes. Dunn’s literally does events all over the country. We simply figure out what show or package fits best for your event and add in the travel costs to get Dunn’s there.

What makes a Dunn’s show so special?
A Dunn’s show is more than a disc jockey, more than music – it’s lights, staging, sound, personality and energy – all combined to make a stunning event. The shows we give you are very similar to a concert in feel and look. They are not just fun to dance to but very fun to watch. We are a hybrid or mix of a band and a disc jockey. We have combined the excitement, energy and stage show of a band by providing multiple entertainers, combined with sound and lighting that costs Dunn’s many thousands more than what typical DJ’s and bands spend on their equipment. Whether your are planning a large corporate event or a wedding, Dunn’s will always make the event sound better, look more impressive, run smoother and be much more dynamic. When you absolutely need to have the best party, you need to hire Dunn’s.

How much does Dunn’s cost?
Every event is different and requires various services. We have packages that are designed for travel worldwide and other packages for local events.Putting price aside, Dunn’s will always deliver a show that is affordable and will undoubtedly make your party or event the best possible.

How do we hire Dunn’s?
Simply call our office toll free at: 1-877-844-3866 or 888-0800 in the Tucson, Az area.

After reviewing your event details, you will be contacted with instructions on completing the paper work. You can request an agreement to be mailed or faxed to you for approval and a small retainer will be required in order to reserve the date.

How long does it take to set up a Dunn’s Show?
Different shows take different lengths. Times range from one and a half hours for our Dunn’s Original to ten hours and nine people for our Celebrity Series. Most of our packages give you a four hour block of time for your event. You can always go longer.
We set up and break down on our own time and will not take up part of your contracted time.

We know Dunn’s is recommended by many resorts , radio stations, and featured in magazine and news articles, how can we see Dunn’s perform?
We have a beautiful office where you can bring your planning committee,
family or friends and watch us perform, it is absolutely free. For upcoming performances and seating availabilty, please request your complimentary tickets now. They will be sent to you promptly. We also have a interactive CD for the corporate events that is free. Simply ask.

What are Dunn’s capabilities? What are your limitations?
Dunn’s started twenty three years ago with a very strong foundation in the music industry. Recording Albums to CD’S with very famous musicians. When we work with large corporations,celebrities, or private events, they all have specific ideas and needs. From four thousand people to forty. Very high energy parties to quiet and romatic, we have done it all.

We have everything from full audio visual to lasers to explosives. Our Video and Photo galleries show small examples of what we do but will give you some ideas of our capabilities. Because our clients are so important to us and because we work with some of the biggest names in corporate America, there is simply no room for typical or mediocre.

From corporate to private
events we perform worldwide.Christoper J. Dunn, President